This Minecraft Redstone Chicken Mini-game


This Minecraft Redstone Chicken Mini-game

This Minecraft Redstone chicken minigame is quite bizarre. We're not used to seeing Redstone oddities; after all, we've seen MS Paint being recreated in Redstone and even things as cool Ghostbusters theme songs, but it doesn't usually involve chickens such as this.

Minecraft generally protects chickens, unless you are building a factory farm to provide food. We are not judging you for doing this. It's obvious that chickens make a cute Minecraft mob. So it's only natural to enjoy watching them navigate a maze. You'd think it was cute.

Reddit user SGHQ posted a video called "the somethingmachine #2". We are giving away some spoilers because the title invites mystery. But it's a wild ride. The video begins with the player attaching a leash to a chicken and trapping it. They then get on a lift, and begin to drag the chicken along with them.

This is where you can play the mini-game. You're supposed to keep the chicken alive, and prevent it from being burned or squashed as you move down the course. It looks great and it's nice that the first chicken makes it to the bottom after such a difficult journey. The problem with this contraption is that even if the chicken makes it to the bottom, two arrows are fired at the chicken. This is not the win condition we were hoping for.

It might make more sense if the prize were Minecraft diamonds, but we would love to see the chicken live. If you are the type of person who wants to make your chicken immortal then you should take a look at how Minecraft forge 1.19 is installed.