Should you buy Java Edition or Bedrock Edition?


Should you buy Java Edition or Bedrock Edition?

There are two main versions of Minecraft. One is for computers and the other is for all devices. Minecraft: Java Edition is the original game and can be used to install mods and play on large multiplayer servers.
- Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is a great alternative if you want to play with your friends on different systems.

When you begin digging into Minecraft, there are many choices: where to go, what to build, and what game mode to play.

Before you can create a world, there is one major decision to make: Which Minecraft version should you play?

Although the basic gameplay of Minecraft is the same, there are some key differences.

Here are the main differences between Java and Bedrock Minecraft versions. Also, a summary of which version you should buy.

Java Edition is only available for PC, Mac, and Linux

Bedrock isn't available on Mac and Linux. Java is the only way to play on either of these systems.

"Bedrock Edition"

Bedrock Edition allows you to play with friends on other consoles

Java only allows you to play alongside other Java users. This means that Java is best for Java users who are also Java-users.

Java Edition boasts massive multiplayer servers

Both versions of the game use their own servers. Java servers have been around almost a decade, so there are plenty of cool maps to choose from.

Java is the best option if you want to play minigames like Bed Wars and Hunger Games on YouTube.

Bedrock Edition is the most reliable edition

The Java edition allows you to use mods to improve your graphics. However, the Bedrock edition runs more smoothly and is more consistent. This results in fewer dropped frames and faster load times.

Java Edition offers a nearly limitless number of mods

Mods are software that you can add to Minecraft to make the game more interesting. There are two types of mods: basic mods to alter the graphics and music, and advanced mods that add new items or modify the way the world generates.

Most importantly, almost all of these mods can be downloaded for free. You can even install and modify them with a program called Minecraft Forge.

Although Bedrock does have some modding tools, they are expensive and limited in number compared to Java's infinite possibilities.

Java Edition allows you to play in Hardcore mode

Hardcore mode is very popular with streamers. It gives you only one life. This means that your world is permanently deleted if you die.

Java is the best choice if you are looking for a challenge.

Do you want Java Edition or Bedrock Edition?

We recommend the Java version if you are using a PC. You still get great gameplay and thousands of mods to improve your experience. It's the original and best way to play Minecraft.