Minecraft Snapshot 19w34a


Minecraft Snapshot 19w34a

What happens when the dev team spends their summer eating only honey? We are inspired to create a new mob, the flappy fuzzball that's the bee. We also became very sick. Children need to eat a balanced diet.

Changes in 19w34a

Could someone tell Cory to stop making bee puns?

- The bees are cute, fuzzy, and neutral mobs

- Don't hurt the bees, they don't want you to hurt them. If a honeybee does sting you it will leave its stinger behind and eventually drop nothing.

- The bees love pretty flowers and spend all their time collecting pollen

- After collecting pollen, bees fly to their nest.

- The bees help you grow crops and return pollen to the nest

- You can breed bees using flowers
- Bees love to share the location of their favorite flowers and other bees.

- A bee that can't find nectar will eventually return home after a while.
- A bee that doesn't have a nest will move around until it finds one.

- The rain is not a favorite of bees and they prefer to sleep at night. In these cases, they will return to the nest.

Bee Nests/Bee Hives

- Bee Nests spawn naturally within Flower Forests, Plains and Sunflower Plains biomes
- Honey levels increase when a bee visits this particular block and continues its journey unassisted.
Maximum 5 honey levels
- Level 5 is quite...sticky
- Bees use nests to share flower locations with other honeybees.
Sometimes, bees will not use information about a flower if they already know about it.
- Players use honeycomb and wood planks to create Bee Hives
Use a silk touch instrument to remove the block with the bees inside
- If you touch silk, bee nests will be destroyed
To make honeycomb, use shears to remove the honeycomb.

To get a honey bottle, use a full-sized bottle.
- Campfire smoke calms honeybees - place one under the nest/hive to keep them in chill mode
- Redstone-friendly!
Bees love Bee Nests and Bee Hives in equal amounts! They don't play favorites!
- Added the Honey Bottle

Honey Bottle

To get a bottle of honey, you can use an empty glass bottle to place on a nest or hive that is full of honey.
Drink it!
- ?? ?
- Profit!
- You can also make it into sugar!
- Honeycomb Added


- To obtain a full-honey nest or hive, you can shear one.
Wood planks can be used to make a Bee Hive.

New loot table function


- Block - Source of properties (block ID)
- Properties - List of property names. All must be on the block

Fixed bugs in 19w34a

MC-103313 - The Hitbox of slime or magma cubes is offset for a few seconds
MC-115643 Can't hear punching blocks when 'Friendly Creatures volume is off
MC-133255 - Cartographers create maps for existing Mansions and Monuments, rather than for unexplored ones
MC-142918 – The stonecutter doesn't allow custom recipe inputs that are shift-clicked into
MC-148562 – Obsidian towers at the end are not created as intended.
MC-150202: Chunks may be copied or dislocated to another location.
MC-151354 – Can't rearrange servers using shortcut
MC-152100: Blaze powder does not go in slot with shift
MC-152172 – The sound of the cartography table is repeated multiple times, overlapping on shift click
MC-152173: Loom plays the sound multiple time, overlapping on shift-click
MC-156276 – Cannot shift-click while riding a horse within inventory
MC-156852 Ghost blocks are still available when insta-mining is being done; reappearance MC-5694
MC-156876 - "desert_small_house_7"one door open status is open
MC-156884: Bows can sometimes use wrong texture when drawn in creative mode
MC-156952 – Village tree center has persistent leaves
MC-157136 – Villagers stocking is not properly tracked
MC-158988 – Minecraft will remove several hundred chunks from each region if the region file isn't greater than 4096 bytes