Minecraft Phantom


Minecraft Phantom

The Minecraft phantom, a flying hostile mob that preys on players who have played for three consecutive days without falling asleep, is a flying threat. You can be seen from a distance by their green eyes, so be prepared.

The trail of puffy grey smoke that a Minecraft phantom leaves behind is a trail of puffy smoke. It can be observed in creative mode as it doesn't attack. If hit with a sword enchanted by smite or damaged by the instant damage effect, the Minecraft phantom takes additional damage. They are immune to poison and can invert the effects instant damage potions.

They attack by swooping down, and they don't stay in one place for too long. This can make it difficult to hit a good hit with your bow. The best way to defeat the phantom is with a sword. You can also send your tamed Wolf. If all else fails, the phantom will flee from any cat that is within 16 blocks of it.

Minecraft phantom spawning

Java eiditon: Minecraft phantoms can spawn in the Overworld during nighttime or during thunderstorms. These phantoms will always spawn above your head, making it difficult to avoid them. If you are suffering from insomnia and have been awake for three days or more, you will hear the hollow cries that a phantom makes as it covers the sky above you. To make matters worse, phantoms are more likely spawn if you don't get enough sleep.

To spawn a Phantom, you must be at least sea level and not have any blocks overhead that block light. In order to allow a phantom spawn in Minecraft, it must be below the phantom's two-foot light limit. You can expect to hear the squeak and flapping wings of 1-6 Phantoms, which will spawn between 20-34 blocks higher than you.

Minecraft phantom summoning

You may also want to change the night to day time. Otherwise, the phantom might spawn on fire just like any other undead mob in Minecraft.

Minecraft phantom loot

- 0-1 Phantom membranes - 5 Experience Orbs

If you are curious about what Minecraft membranes can be used for, they can be used to make Minecraft potions such as the Potion of Slow Falling. You will need a brewing stand, bottled water, and blaze dust. Broken Elytras can also be repaired using Minecraft Phantom Membranes.