Minecraft Dungeons Unique Weapons and Armor


Minecraft Dungeons Unique Weapons and Armor

Minecraft Dungeons is a new direction for Microsoft's blockbuster franchise. It features a role-playing experience that focuses on fighting mobs, and grinding for gear. It's a casual version of loot-driven, dungeon crawling, which Diablo is famous for. You can find a variety unheard weaponry and armor.

The signatures of Minecraft Dungeons arsenal are coveted high-tier Unique equipment, each with unique designs and in-game capabilities. After launch, we have gathered every unique weapon and piece armor that we have found.

The loot table below will give you information about where they can be found. If you are looking for a particular sword, search for areas where they can be found. All Uniques can drop from the Blacksmith.

Minecraft Dungeons loot tables

Enter the Dungeon

Minecraft grows taller and reaches for the sky.

Minecraft Dungeons is a combination of the familiar world we all grew to love and a dose of Diablo. It's a lot of fun. You can find it on every platform, and at a very attractive price.

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You forgot about the Imploding crossbow. Unique version of the exploding crossbow that draws enemies in.