Boot a Windows 95 PC inside Minecraft


Boot a Windows 95 PC inside Minecraft

Now is the right time to build a Windows 95-compliant PC in Minecraft. A new VM Computers mod for Minecraft allows players to order computer parts from a satellite orbiting around a Minecraft planet and build a computer that boots Windows 95 or other operating systems.

VirtualBox, a free and open-source virtual machine program, is used to run Windows 95. You can simply place a PC block in Minecraft and use it to create virtual hard disks to install operating system from ISO files.

The VM Computers mod has been used by the Minecraft community to experiment with various options. Someone has successfully made Doom work within Minecraft. There will be more experimentation, especially if people build multiple PCs to run different operating systems in Minecraft. You can even play Minecraft from Minecraft.

Any mod or hack will be tested to the limit by running Windows 95 and Doom. Windows 95 has been tested on an Xbox One, an Apple Watch and even as an app that you can download and install on macOS and Windows. But can Minecraft run Crysis? We are eager to find out.