Best Minecraft Wall Designs


Best Minecraft Wall Designs

Minecraft's beauty is that you can create amazing architecture with very simple materials.

There are many options for Minecraft wall designs, from crumbly brick walls to dark oak wood finishes. These incredible building ideas are almost as inspiring as these!

Let's take a look at 15 of our favorite wall designs.

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Rapunzel's Mossy Minecraft Wall

This impressive structure is more than 10 blocks tall. However, its height can be adjusted to your liking. This wall is easy to set up for beginners.

You will need some Mossy Cobblestone blocks and Vines as well as any decorative blocks you choose. Stone is a good choice for a starting point. To form the inner layer, you can melt some Cobblestone.

Design of a Quartz Minecraft Wall

This Minecraft Duplication Glitch is still functional in 2021 if you want to explode things!

Sandstone Helmet Minecraft Wall

The wall design shown above has the intimidating appearance of a Creeper. To scare away potential predators, aye?

Tall Creeper Stone Brick Wall

A tall Stone Brick wall like this one can help you feel safe and secure. Make sure you don't have any windows that open so Creepers can't chase you.

Garden Shelf Minecraft Wall Idea

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Brick Wall

Brick walls can be used for everything from base facades to old-fashioned pizza shops. It can be adorned with hanging lampposts or shrubberies.

Tri-Wood Minecraft Wall

Talking of homes, why don't you look at Minecraft furniture ideas?

Tavern Style Wall

Once you have settled that, you can use the above themed wall design. This wall design uses Stripped Logs for the base and walls, with some Wooden Stairs at the sides and windows to give it shape. Spruce trapdoors are a great alternative to roofing.